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The Pike Log: Random Entries About Making His Story Mine

Expats Unite!

My longest-running friend from high school and fellow Vermonter: Lindsay Cobb.
Like a first high school crush, some of us never get over the stories of Ernest Hemingway and his Parisian-based copains. While neither Vermont nor New Hampshire have cosmopolitan cities to rival Paris, they do have expatriates, none more obvious to me than the one-time New Jersey residents who voluntarily left home for the romance of  Read More 
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How to Survive Spider Poop, and Other North Woods Tips

Tall dog or bear cub: What do you think?
If you, like me, never heard of fly tape, don't feel bad. Means you live in a well-sealed suburban-looking home with a concrete cellar floor, factory-direct vinyl windows with fitted screens, and floors at 90 degrees to their walls.

Good for you!

When I moved from the Jersey Shore suburbs to 50 miles south of the Canadian  Read More 
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Will Open Mic Reveal Whodunit?

The Upper Connecticut River Valley seems ready-made for prospective mystery titles such as “Mayhem in the Mountains” (malice domestic); “Dance Hall Swindle” (locked room); “Axed to Death” (hard-boiled), or “The Latchis Case” (police procedural). *

Part of the thrill of reading is to escape the humdrum. Where better to spend  Read More 
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How My Beloved Aunt Became a Cover Girl

Picture it: January 10. It's Phase 1 of the North Woods move and 70+ boxes of dishes, files, books, and clothing form a labyrinth through the house. The Time Warner Cable guy is threading lines that will offset my Verizon cell phone's mountain-challenged message "searching for service".

Lots of interesting things can happen when you're incommunicado.  Read More 
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Where the GPS Are We?

Thanks to Peter Lucia for this illuminated version of the Upper Connecticut River Valley at night
“Why don’t you have a Tom-Tom attached to your windshield?”

Odd question from Carolyn Kinne Grass as she climbed into my SUV Thursday, armed with an oversized atlas left-over from the era of open touring cars, goggles and silk scarves.

“Why would I need one?” I retorted.  Read More 
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