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The Pike Log: Random Entries About Making His Story Mine

Aren't We All Unfinished?

We compartmentalize our lives to organize the chaos: Is that good? How you apply the pronoun is a step to figuring out your own M.O.

Interested in the discoveries captured in this photo? Follow the Pike Log to the end for the extended caption. Thanks!
You’ve probably read at least one story about somebody who turned 50 and decided to change her or his life’s trajectory: lose weight, get a divorce (or married), change jobs (or where you live), take up sky-diving (or sing in a rock-and-roll band). For me it stacked up like this: one third of  Read More 
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Where the GPS Are We?

Thanks to Peter Lucia for this illuminated version of the Upper Connecticut River Valley at night
“Why don’t you have a Tom-Tom attached to your windshield?”

Odd question from Carolyn Kinne Grass as she climbed into my SUV Thursday, armed with an oversized atlas left-over from the era of open touring cars, goggles and silk scarves.

“Why would I need one?” I retorted.  Read More 
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I Can See the Finish Line!

Riverside Cemetery, peaceful home of my ancestors who had led an industrious farm life settling Waterford, VT after the Revolution.
Behind me is a course I've run for a little more than 20 years here on the north Jersey shore, in my childhood home in Eatontown, once a bugler's call away from Fort Monmouth that was decommissioned a couple of months ago. Click any menu tab to discover what I've been up as the  Read More 
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