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Greetings From New Jersey: A Workbook for Young Adventurers

Note: This title is currently out of print, but plans are underway to convert this to an ap!

Greetings Adventurers!

I'm glad you're here. You are about to start an exciting exploration that begins at your own front door, takes you down the sidewalk, through fascinating neighborhoods, and ultimately across all six regions of your Garden State.

Whether you've visited these places before or not, you will discover events and people who not only shaped New Jersey but America itself, and sometimes even the world beyond our borders.

Why do we call ourselves adventurers? Because adventurers are curious about finding out what's new and different. Fearless, we become involved with local people, lifestyles, and environments. The discoveries we make help define who we are and how we relate to others. They teach us our roles within culture, history, and regional geography.

And how best to collect the views we see? With the visual images called postcards, those slim missives on which we also record diary entries and create permanent reminders of what we have found along the way.

Our adventures can happen anywhere in the Garden State, 52 weeks or weekends of the year. As we travel through this workbook, we will map famous pathways, practice math using history, write journal entries, and draw our own personal postcards.

Ready to join me?
Helen Pike
“You can get to everything in New Jersey on one tank of gas.” ~ Virginia S. Bauer
Secretary of the New Jersey Commerce, Economic Growth & Tourism Commission
“One on One with Steve Adubato"
June 2006
A Workbook for Young Adventurers is designed for children ages 8 to 11 to take a Grand Tour of the Garden State.

 maps to track your trip
 creative projects – solo or together – based
on our state’s assets
 a nutrition chart for Jersey Fresh meals
 six pages for drawing postcard images
 journal writing to record your Garden State
 fun math problems based on well-known
Jersey routes and history
 ideal for newcomers and grandparents
 a resource page for each region

See for yourself why the state bibliographer at Rutgers University says " 'A Workbook for Young Adventurers' is carefully crafted to teach children (and adults) about our state's unique cultural, history, and geography."

How Jersey Are You? are fun-filled activity workshops based on the Workbook and are available for children of all ages!